Francie Larrieu Smith
Francie Larrieu Smith
Title: Head Coach
Phone: 512-863-1615

Head Men's and Women's Cross Country and Track & Field Coach Francie Larrieu Smith
Five-time Olympian Francie Larrieu Smith began at Southwestern in 1999 as the Head Men and Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at Southwestern University. Her excellence as a world-renown distance runner is well-documented. She, and Southwestern, are dedicated to achieving that same level of excellence in our cross country and track and field programs.

Most recently Coach Smith was selected as an assistant coach for the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 23-29. She also served as USA Track & Field's Junior Women's Team Leader at the 2009 IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Amman, Jordan. The US junior women placed fifth in these World Championships.

During her tenure at Southwestern University Coach Smith has taken three athletes (one male, two female) to the NCAA Cross Country Championships. She has coached athletes to South/Southeast Region honors 21 times and All-SCAC (Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference) honors 24 times. In Track and Field she has coached athletes to 29 Individual SCAC Championship titles and countless athletes to All-SCAC honors. Additionally, three athletes have earned SCAC Athlete-of-the-Meet (high point scorer), recieving the distinction in 2008, 2013 and 2014. 

As an athlete, Smith had her best Olympic finish in 1988 with a fifth place finish in the 10,000 meters at Seoul, South Korea. As a crowning achievement, she was the flag bearer for the U.S. Olympic Team in Barcelona, Spain (1992).

During the course of her 30-year career, Smith established 36 U.S. records and 12 world bests in distances ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 meters. She was selected by Runner's World magazine as "The Most Versatile Runner of the Quarter Century." Coach Smith is a member of several halls of fame including The Texas Women's Hall of Fame, The National Track and Field Hall of Fame, and the Long Distance Running Hall of Fame.

Smith earned a M.Ed. in Sport Administration from The University of Texas at Austin in December 2000. She earned Level I coaching certification and Level II certifications with specializations in endurance and sprints, hurdles and relays from the USA Track and Field Coaching Certification program.

Coach Francie Larrieu Smith's Personal Records

Track:                Road:      
800 meters 2:00.02      1500 meters 4:05.1      Mile 4:27.5      5K 15:05.1      10K 31:49
3000 meters 8:50.4      5000 meters 15:15.2      10000 meters 31:28.92      15K 48:43      Marathon 2:27:35


Year Men's Cross Country Women's Cross Country Men's Track & Field Women's Track & Field
1999 SCAC 7th - South/Southeast Region 14th
SCAC 6th 9th place 5th place
2000 SCAC 5th
SCAC 6th 9th place 7th place
2001 SCAC 7th - South/Southeast Region 15th
SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 13th 9th place 9th place
2002 SCAC 9th - South/Southeast Region 18th
SCAC 9th - South/Southeast Region 18th 8th place 7th place
2003 SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 13th
SCAC 7th - South/Southeast Region 14th 8th place 8th place
2004 SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 10th
SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 7th 7th place 9th place
2005 SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 10th  SCAC 4th - South/Southeast Region 9th 8th place 9th place
2006 SCAC 7th - South/Southeast Region 12th
SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 11th 9th place 9th place
2007 SCAC 7th - South/Southeast Region 15th
SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 11th 5th place 9th place
2008 SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 15th
SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 15th 5th place 9th place
2009 SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 10th SCAC 8th - South/Southeast Region 21st 8th place 7th place
2010 SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 15th SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 13th
9th place 9th place
2011 SCAC 8th - South/Southeast Region 20th SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region 24th 9th place 8th place

 SCAC 3rd - South/Southeast Region 18th

 SCAC 3rd - South/Southeast Region 16th 6th place 10th place

SCAC 4th - South/Southeast Region 20th

SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 19th 2nd place 3rd place
2014 SCAC 5th - South/Southeast Region 29th  SCAC 6th - South/Southeast Region N/A  2nd place 3rd place
2015     5th place 4th place